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Baleine garantie ou argent remis! / Whale Watching Guaranteed!Baleine garantie ou argent remis! / Whale Watching Guaranteed!
Whale Watching
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Schedule and Rates

Whale Watching GUARANTEED

Our whale watching departures

Summer 2018 is over, thanks to all our guests!
See you next year 🙂 Follow us on Facebook!

Low season
high season
10:00 am – 1:00 pm

June 1st – july 13th
  September 4th – october 22nd

10:00 am – 1:00 pm
3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

July 14th – September 3rd


2018 Rates
Adults and 13+ $59 / Children 12- $39

High season rates / Fuel surcharge / Ticketing fees

Private parking/ Onsite boarding dock / Whale Watching Guaranteed

Captain's Private Tour

Captain’s Private Tour at $45 !
Be the first to see the whales every day !
Benefit from the lowest whale-watching price !

Usual departure time : 7:30 am
The Captain’s Private Tour may depart later according to weather conditions.

July 14th to September 3rd 2018
Book by phone only

Morning Cruises

Captain’s Private Tour / 10:00 am

Our different departures in the morning give you the time to have breakfast before leaving your accommodation. Staggered schedules allow captains to exchange the best viewing sites, increasing the time you spend with whales. When you return, take the time to picnic and enjoy our observation site from the shore.

Whales and seals often visit Anemone Bay in the morning.

Afternoon Cruises

1:00 pm / 3:30 pm

Our afternoon cruises allow the children to spend energy in the morning and be more inclined to live a 2-hour zodiac excursion seeking for the World’s largest animals.
This is often their best holiday memory.

It is possible to arrive earlier on the site, take the time to picnic and do some whale watching from the shore, while chatting with the adventurers of the previous cruise. You’ll be in the mood before you even board!

Got a long ride before you arrive? The 3:30 pm cruise will be waiting for you. The calm of the end of the day will allow you to relax while observing the whales.

Evening Cruises

6:00 pm

Whale watching at sunset is purely magic! Nature is preparing for the night and puts on its colorful sheets on the sea getting calm. The whales are, therefore, more visible and the show is great! The photographers will be delighted with the particular light and will make memorable shots.

The sea traffic gradually fades, the sea regains its calm and the show is printed in your memory to make you dream all night long.

This is definitely the most beautiful way to end a long vacation day!

Prepare your journey

Before you leave home or your accomodation, please take note :

Arrival at least 30 minutes before boarding.
Bring warm clothes.
Give us a call to know when is the best time to see the whales during your trip.
We take care of everything else!