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Whale Watching GUARANTEED

Welcome to Croisiere Escoumins

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Whale Watching from the Shore

Croisiere Escoumins’ welcoming facilities and safe parking are located within walking distance of the boarding dock. Unlike at our competitors’ places you need no shuttle to get to our boats!

Our site is entirely private and dedicated to whale watching. We offer free picnic spots overlooking the St. Lawrence. We share all aspects of our life with whales, seals and other inhabitants of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park.

Croisiere Escoumins land and facilities are located over Anemone Bay, in Les Escoumins, close to Tadoussac.

Our unique spot is still 100% wild! No urban build-up around Anemone Bay besides our eco-friendly facilities.

Many visitors are lucky enough to see whales and seals before they board.

Se you soon in Les Escoumins, Quebec, Canada!

Rest Area

Our site offers an exceptional, breathtaking view over the St. Lawrence River.

Have a lunch at our picnic area before boarding our eco-friendly and safe-for-whales ships, or park your R.V. overnight and let yourself be tempted by a whale tour at dusk or dawn!

We Take Care!

We dress you from head to toe to make your trip on the St. Lawrence, a comfortable experience.

Our dressing room includes an indoor rest area and offers a magnificent view of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park.

Why Choose Croisiere Escoumins?

The only true “YOU SEE A WHALE” warranty in whale watching industry!

What else?

With our unique site overlooking the St. Lawrence, you’ll enjoy a unique rest area with picnic tables. You can watch the whales feeding in Anemone Bay, a natural site of great beauty.

This is a wrap-up of why you should choose Croisiere Escoumins, besides the fact that we guarantee that you will see a whale or you get your money back.

– Private property
– On-site parking
– No shuttle
– On-site departures
– Private dock: no waiting for boarding
– Private bay without other installation
– The last 100% wild bay of the area
– R.V. Rest Area
– Whale watching from the shore on site
– Breathtaking view over the St. Lawrence River