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Pictures of blue whales and more! | Croisière Escoumins


The Great Blue Whale

Croisieres Escoumins would like to introduce you to the world renowned great blue whale, the largest mammal on Earth !

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Fin Whale

Almost as large as the blue whale, the fin whale frequents the waters around Les Escoumins and Tadoussac. You may observe them all season long.

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Humpback Whale

The most spectacular performer among the whale species, is certainly the humpback whale.
The humpbacks will amaze you with their spontaneous jumps out of the water (called breaches) at unexpected times and places throughout the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park.

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Minke Whale

We often see the minke whale close to the shoreline, at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord and at our own viewing facility at Anemone Bay. The minke whales are great performers when feeding.

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St. Lawrence Beluga

The St. Lawrence beluga is the only whale that does not migrate. It lives in the St. Lawrence and the Saguenay Fjord in the summer time, but only in the St. Lawrence in the winter.

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Harbor Porpoise

The harbour porpoise is definitely the smallest and cutest of all the whales ! They tend to congregate in groups around the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park and we often see several of them pacing out vessel as we progress in the water.

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The Seals

The seals are curious creatures. They like to stare at you while you stare back at them !
Scan the sea and shoreline and particularly watch the boulders that appear at low tide in Anemone Bay and you are almost sure to see a few.

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Pictures of Our Whale Watching Tours

There are several species of sea mammals that frequent the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park. They often come in close proximity to the shore to feed, much to the enjoyment of the thousands of visiting tourists that come by every year. Quebec’s North Shore is not only a feeding area, but also a playground for whales and seals, and we are fortunate that Les Escoumins, Grandes-Bergeronnes and Tadoussac are their favourite locations, just as it is for visiting tourists.

Our photo galleries of the blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales, minke whales, the St Lawrence belugas as well as the harbour porpoises and seals are a tribute to the dedication Croisieres Escoumins has to future generations of whale watchers who may wish to return someday to Les Escoumins, Quebec, Canada. Bon Voyage on your vacation.

© Pictures copyrights: Yves Demers and Claude Mireault


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Please, take note that weather on the St.Lawrence River
will be 10°C/18°F cooler than on the shore.
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and you dream's whale watching cruise!
Trip length of at least 2 hours.
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