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Written on July 27th 2017

Great Whale Watching Trip

I have gone Whale watching in Maine and Gloucester Mass and this was my first experience in Quebec. We drove three hours from Beauprue Quebec which included a free ferry across the fiord. All of us were anxious about a trip on a Zepher but it was a great trip. We saw a White Beluga Whale as well as Fin Whales. In addition we saw dolphins and gray seals. Unlike previous Whale watching trips where you are high up and you have to fight for a view here you are close to the water and everyone gets to see. They provide a jacket to wear and the guides speak in French and English. When back in the area I will be back again.

Written on July 7th 2017

Friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable captains!

We went on two separate whale watching zodiac cruises on consecutive days. We had two different captains, and both were extremely friendly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. We not only saw whales, but were also taught a lot about whales, making both our boat excursions very enjoyable.

Written on August 2nd 2017


Three are numerous whale watching tours available from Catherine-st-Baie to Tadoussac to Les Escoumins. We wanted the smaller size Zodiac boat which is closer to the water and less people. We also wanted a less commercialized experience and the Les Escoumins companies seemed to provide it. We chose this company based on that you can park in their lot and not get bussed in. We pre booked online saving $5 per person. The check in was easy, friendly and bilingual. There are bathrooms available and a beautiful picnic area overlooking the water. We were provided with warm jackets with hoods which were in good shape, not torn. I advise wearing a hoodie underneath with your own hood. It is a steep walkway downhill and then steps leading down to boat launch. If you have mobility issues, this is not for you as there are not hand rails and going back up is even harder with high steps. I had to have help from my daughter's hand on a couple of the steps because of a bad knee. We had approx 20 people on our boat with everyone having a seat along the outside edge. The boat rides very smooth. A short drive south along the coast just past Bon Desir and we saw a Minke whale. The captain stops the boat and the naturalist explains all about the whales. She was bilingual and will explain in both French and English if any English speaking on board. The whale then resurfaced within 10 feet of our boat giving us a great show. Even the pilot was excited. Then it was off to see the blue whale who was hanging out in the middle of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The blue whale cooperated and we watched her for a long time keep resurfacing. It was a lifetime event. Then we went back along the coast towards the bay at Les Escoumins and saw a Beluga whale, harbor dolphins and seals. On the way back to dock, saw more Minke whales. The staff were very friendly and treated us wonderfully. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

Written on July 29th 2017


Good sail, we've seen two rorquals. Warm clothes provided, the Zodiac boat in good shape. Bilingual guide.

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Choose Croisiere Escoumins

Our Own Private Spot

Croisiere Escoumins is the only whale watching cruiseline offering the “YOU SEE A WHALE” warranty! Upon confirmation from the captain aboard, if no whale was seen during the tour, Croisiere Escoumins will refund you.

*Croisiere Escoumins may cancel the warranty prior to departure.  The customer will be advised prior to departure, and will be refunded if he/she decides to cancel.



No other whale watching cruise line will do this

We’re in the best spot to see whales from in the whole St. Lawrence Marine Park

– Our private dock is the closest one to the greatest observation area

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Croisiere Escoumins has a partnership with one of the most important cruise ships builder in Canada. Our cruise ships are at the forefront of the industry at all times. We strongly look forwards to develop the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park in a sustainable way.

It is a priority for us that our whale watching tours are offered in safe zodiac ships to protect the whales as well as our passengers.

– Our engines emit less noise and less CO2

– Our boats are very steady and safe, even for young kids

– Our boats are specialy designed to be safe for whales

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Croisière du capitaine - voir des baleines et bélugas au Canada

Croisiere Escoumins combines passion and experience to bring you out on a discovery trip of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park and its tremendous inhabitants.

The Captain and his crew can’t wait to teach you about whales, seals, and sea birds that live by Québec’s North Shore.

– A well-experienced team

– Biologists and sea mammals specialists

– Passionate sea birders

– Captains that have sailed the St. Lawrence for years!

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Croisière Escoumins baleines près de Tadoussac

Our private property overlooks the Anemones’ Bay and offers a breathtaking view over the St. Lawrence.

Minky whales often swim in our Bay to feed. Think about having lunch here before boarding, you might get lucky!


– Boarding dock on site

– Rest and picnic area

– Safe onsite parking

– Whale watching from the land

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